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IUL Game Changers


Pick a lifetime income retirement date with Paclife software. Start with as little as $200 and have income potential previously
reserved for the wealthy.


Compound Interest/Market Gains LOCKED IN/Tax Free Liquidity. Market Gains with guaranteed no-loss principal to avoid market volatility.


The cash continues to accumulate for your entire lifetime since there are no withdrawal requirements. Even though you stop working, your cash value never stops working!

With Life Insurance, the older one gets the more expensive it becomes so it makes sense to start early when the cost is low and the return over time will be transformative.

Planning Futures

Working in Financial Planning for over a decade I have seen the Economy transition from 20th Century to 21st Century Economics. This directly affects workers who might not benefit from having Real Estate Equity or have a low return on investment with ever increasing risk on higher return possibilities, let alone having to have a significant amount needed to invest to realize a return. Today there is an ever increasing trend toward paying and not saving. Consequently, Savings becomes more important, especially long term where Real Estate in the 20th Century was a primary equity source for many and retirement and social security was extra. Today, especially for anyone in their 20’s or 30’s, Nothing in the investment arena can compete with an IUL, especially long term. Most importantly having security in terms of lifetime income (Growth, Tax Free Liquidity, and most important Principal that is Protected!) is necessary in the 21st Century.

Meet Gene

Gene began his second career in 2009 after a million dollar career as a musician and as a result of the 2008 recession realizing the importance of secure cash growth after 2 major economic recessions and the ushering in of 21st Century Economics . He trained with Premier Financial Alliance in South San Francisco then moved to Southern California and worked for DMC Real Estate, WFG Beverly Hills, and Laam Partners. Seeing the importance of connecting younger clients directly with companies, he became a representative for Pacific Life in Newport Beach. This company has a storied history started by Leland Stanford in 1868 and continued by his wife Jane.

In a volatile 21st Century Economy, the agent is secondary to the Company that provides the security and history of proven performance. Realizing that and seeing my and other peoples pensions and real estate portfolios be subject to the roller coaster economy of the 21st Century, I want to share the security of a financial company that offers a product that will be there for the short, and most importantly, long term.

Why IULs? Why Now?

This product unlike ANY other has benefits day 1 and continues indefinitely.

With the swipe of a pen or click of a mouse, the client creates an estate that will grow over time. The overarching component is the living and death benefits that provide protection while the account builds cash value. Living Benefits and disability income are part of this incredible hybrid account, while the account’s cash value builds and will grow for the client’s entire life and is theirs to do as they choose. When you’re old and gray you will be making exponentially more than you ever had before! How is that for a reward for taking care of yourself!

Warren Buffet Utilizes This Same Concept!

For the last 20 years millions of people like myself have realized the power of an IUL in the midst of volatility in most markets besides the Tech Sector. This is Warren Buffet preferred investment strategy that starts safely with the amount of a car payment that is completely controlled by the client.

Recommended Company: Pacific Life

Indexed Universal Life is strictly regulated by the State Insurance Commissioner and Federal Law giving clients total security. The foundation of financial security is having an account that is safe in the principal and in growth. Companies that are 175 years old like Pacific Life provide partnership to enable success, especially for young economic minded people, essential for success in 21st Century Economics.